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Happy Sad Land
No Worries
Jack and Zena
The Craic
1900 House

Robbie Williams
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THE CRAIC (1998) - Reviews

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'McCrum puts the reader vividly in touch with both populace and landscape ... he wears his learning lightly and has a keen eye for oddities. The Troubles flow through the book like a dark current, but McCrum's encounters are so richly tantalising that Ryan Air will make a fortune'

'Roaming scribe McCrum's descriptions of Ireland convey beautifully a bemused, baffled response to the land where paradox rules'

'A fresh, entertaining book that could enlighten Irish people as much as anyone else'

'It is all beautifully observed, and if you are as fascinated by the Emerald Isle as I am, or if you just want to know more about the place, I guarantee you will enjoy this one'

'What sets it apart from the countless travel yarns from the Emerald Isle is McCrum's eye for detail and his uncanny ability for fishing out unique people and stories. What pushes it further beyond the sometimes tedious genre is that the tales are not lost in the retelling. An insightful read if you're trying to fathom the 'real' Ireland.'
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