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No Worries
Jack and Zena
The Craic
1900 House

Robbie Williams
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CASTAWAY (2000) - Reviews *

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'A gripping account of everything that went down on Taransay'

'Ignorance of Castaway 2000 broadcasts does not diminish this compelling book-of-the-docusoap. McCrum has pieced together the simmering tensions and passions that flared among those who undertook the BBC's community living project on a remote Hebridean island. Castaway records a clash of egotism, idealism, generosity and bitterness: an exciting book about the enduring dream of paradise.'

* You may be surprised by the lack of reviews for this title. It's one of the anomalies of the literary world that whereas books about the letters of long-dead philosophers or the love lives of minor upper-crust poets, which sell at best a few thousand copies, get widely reviewed, those about cutting-edge cultural phenomena, which are in the bestseller charts for weeks, get ignored. Not that I'm complaining, you understand.
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